Prelude Corp. Case Study Help and Solution

Prelude Corp. Case Study Solution

Prelude Corp. (Ticker: PRH) is one of the companies which is well-known in the field of MLM, network marketing and direct sales. However, this article will discuss the matter of sales training for MLM distributors and how Prelude Corp. utilizes case studies in order to train their own distributors. Some people have a good experience with this company because of its positive techniques, while others are hesitant because of its low success rate.

Before performing any kind of marketing Business Case Study solution course, the first step should be the preliminary evaluation of the company before signing up with them. This article will discuss the history of the company, its business strategies and also the progress made in terms of business and how many people they have signed up as distributors in their network.

Prelude Corp. has existed for a long time and they have been selling various products, which include home, life, travel and retirement related items. The company also creates videos and they sell them as advertisements on TV. Thus, these are the main platforms for advertising the company.

In the early days, this firm launched an initiative pays money in exchange for training and selling of their products. This was in line with the belief that the main focus of such a company is to earn the best return.

Initially, this company only involved some part of its leadership, but the idea of doing a foundation for in-house or outside the organization was later introduced. Later, the company introduced different types of education to its distributors. Many people were lured by the money which they could make with such programs.

Moreover, there are local organizations in many communities, which offer training in video or audio format to the people who need it. There are also mentors, who have the experience in handling such training sessions. It is not mandatory to sign up with the company; it canbe just voluntary to engage in the activities of the company.

After enrolling in the course, the student would receive a small amount of money as payment. This is the incentive, which allows the people to continue with the course, though the company may not provide the student with a big amount of money.

According to the seminar participants, the main aim of the company is to generate more sales for all its products; therefore, they provide the opportunities of case study solution. In order to achieve this goal, the company provides free coaching and advice. The personal interaction is also provided so that the sales potential is enhanced.

A training session which is taught is called “Case Study Solution.” During the training session, the topics covered are marketing research, strategic planning, education, sales, training and awareness. During the presentation of each topic, the trainer will give examples of marketing strategies and results.

Additionally, the company provides support and guidance to its employees, who may not be quite sure about the product development or the training methodology. Through the internet, the company provides assistance and knowledge to its affiliates, who have the knowledge about various cases of cases. Moreover, they can ask questions and get answers from the staffs, which is available at the company office.

This company provides several solutions for each of the case study solution that is on the market. The solution would be the key to increase the awareness of the distributor towards the product or service. These solutions could include any of the materials, namely DVD’s, webinars, videos, books, or e-books.

In addition, there is a solution in every kind of case study solution. Therefore, the distributor should carefully evaluate the main problem of his or her own market to determine which of the solutions he or she is going to apply to their case study.